Our Values

FE Indorama Agro LLC is guided by the values of Indorama Corporation. We strive to:

Act like owners: Passionate, Courageous, Responsible, and Strategic

Be adaptable: To Opportunities, Challenges, and Ideas

Care deeply: For people and our planet with Trust, and Humility

Deliver excellence: Through Knowledge Agility, Innovation, and Execution

To live up to these values, our team is constantly looking to invest in the future, forge lasting relationships, put people first, and develop best-in-class assets and operations. These commitments are also shared by the many stakeholders we work with in Uzbekistan, including IFC, EBRD & ADB. Working together with these stakeholders to adopt Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) standards, we are demonstrating how major agricultural producers in Uzbekistan can become more sustainable and socially responsible.



At Indorama Agro LLC, safety and health of the employees takes precedence. There is a health clinic and first aid room in the premises, where all the facilities for initial treatment are available under the supervision of a full-time nurse and a part-time doctor.

Employees are briefed on a periodic basis about the safety measures to be taken while working. All machines are equipped with safety system as per the European standards. The entire facility is international standard compliant along with a fire safety system which is most stringent.

The company also complies with all the applicable environmental laws and disposes its waste responsibly. Indorama Agro remains committed to skill development and Human Rights requirements of its employees. Its Human Relation Department keeps on continuously improving for the welfare of its employees and does not tolerate any human rights violation or discrimination.

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