Indorama Agro LLC donates 10 million UZS to Taekwandoo Association

Indorama Agro was awarded a medal.

As we reported earlier, Indorama Agro is actively working to support children's sports and welcomes all initiatives for the benefit of peace and a healthy lifestyle for children and youth.

Students of the Secondary School 18 in Gulistan, Syrdarya region, became the winners of the Global Taekwondo Federation World Championship, which was held in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) from July 24 to 31. Indorama Agro supported the students for participation in the sports event.

A team led by a coach visited our office in Gulistan to share their achievements. This victory belongs to the united team of Indorama Agro too.

The students talked about the championship and how proud they were when the country's anthem sounded and the national flag of Uzbekistan was raised in their honor.

Champions expressed their gratitude to the leadership of Indorama Agro for their desire to always support children. The words of support expressed before the start of the championship inspired them during the entire competition.

The team presented a letter of gratitude and awarded the management of Indorama Agro with a medal. For us, this is a great victory, and this event will be firmly preserved in the history of Indorama Agro.